Lacy and Brent- a Wedding Reception

Once all the nerves and jitters involved in the ceremony are gone, you get to see people’s real personalities.  And this reception was a fun one!  Lacy and Brent were so happy to be married and ready to celebrate with their family and friends.  It was at Hoover Country Club and their band was called Booty Shaker.  They were SO good at getting the crowd dancing!  They played a really wide assortment of music to get all generations involved.  Lacy and Brent’s first dance was The Black Eyed Peas’ “I Got a Feeling,”  so it started the party off with a bang and just kept going.  The adorable ring bearer walked right up to the dance floor with a big pouty face and just stood there like this.  SO cute!There’s that adorable father of the bride again!I love Brent’s mom.  She is one of the sweetest women.  You would not believe how many pictures I have of Lacy’s mom beaming.  She was so happy about this day and having f-u-n at this party.At some point they played this game where you throw the napkin to someone and that person has to dance.  That made for some great photo ops!The groomsmen were so hysterical (not to mention cute in these suspenders!)  They would just plot together for a few minutes and come up with some silly game or pose.  Here they had to each do a dance over the cup, without touching the cup.  I won’t post ALL of their moves, but they’re just so funny to watch.  Remember I mentioned that the band was good at getting people involved?Congratulations Lacy and Brent!  I hope your marriage goes as wonderfully as your wedding.  Thanks for having me there!

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  1. Jane Lazenby:

    Loved all of these too!!! You captured the theme of the reception for them…… fun!! Great pictures… thanks!


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