Kelly & Stanley

As Stanley and Kelly walked away from their perfect wedding ceremony, Stanley said, with a huge grin, “You finally took my name!” It was one of my favorite moments of this beautiful, and really hot, wedding day.  Kelly’s sister is a good friend of mine and I was excited when I talked to her last year about Kelly’s wedding.  She has two precious children who Stanley loves and who love him.  Bottom line- this was a happy day.  Even when Stanley tried not to smile, that big grin broke through.

Kelly’s prep at The Redmont Hotel was perfect.  Her huge sparkly eyes just lit up whenever the conversation would turn to Stanley.  Both the church, Third Presbyterian, and all the people I dealt with from there were so easy and supportive of anything we asked.  At the Avon Theater reception we were serenaded by Silky Smooth, a band that Stanley used to sing with.  He joined in for a couple!   All in all, a perfect day!

Here’s another favorite moment- Nothing emotional was happening.  Kelly just realized all of a sudden the gravity of what was about to happen and broke into tears.  Stanley’s dad, a pastor, prayed for the couple at the beginning of the ceremony.


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