Juliette & Ada- Baby Dedications

On Sunday, a family that is so dear to me had two very big reasons to celebrate.  Their first two grandbabies were dedicated at the same church they dedicated their own two children years ago.  The granddaughters and their parents live in New York and California, with the doting grandparents here in Alabama.  So the girls were not only being dedicated, but introduced to family and loved ones that had been eagerly awaiting.  Including me!

We took a few family and baby portraits while we had the opportunity.  Melissa and Jim started, with their beautiful Juliette.  Jim is an opera singer and Melissa is a ballet dancer turned choreographer.  I think Juliette is bound to be creative, wildly talented and super interesting as she grows up.

I adore this image of my dear friend looking on as her daughter meets her family.  Then I got to play with the smiliest baby I have ever met!  Ada and her parents could not have been easier to photograph.  Her contagious smile and bubbly personality come from her mom, Jennifer.  And her dad, Jonathan, is both brilliant AND kind.  So look out world… there are two little forces to reckon with in the world now.  I should mention that the girls’ great aunt made their gorgeous christening gowns.  There is a lot of talent packed into this family.  Dawson Memorial Baptist does some baby dedications after the service and this was the first one I attended like that.  It was so intimate with only the family and closest friends in the congregation.  Everyone stood in a circle after Dr. Fenton blessed and prayed for the babies and sang.  It was really sweet.  The reason I got to photograph such a precious moment in these lives was the grandmother, Kathy.  She has waited a long while for these little bundles of joy and I was just honored to be there for it all.  Congratulations Nolens and families!


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