Jane & Kyle

I look forward to all the weddings I’m privileged to be a part of.  But this wedding, Jane Anne and Kyle’s, was especially exciting.  Jane Anne is the daughter of some of our family’s oldest friends- my parents best friends from college and my dad’s best friend from childhood. My brother’s God parents. So, it was even more special.  We didn’t get to do their engagement session til just a few days before the wedding and I got even more excited.  Their chemistry and excitement for each other (not to mention Kyle’s complete comfort in front of the camera) had me quite certain that it would be a beautiful day to document.

And it was.  The ceremony at 3rd Presbyterian Church was beautiful (as is the bride’s room- so rare!)  In fact, if you like this church, you should look back at Riley and Eric’s 3rd Presbyterian wedding pictures from a few years ago.  The custom made Heidi Elnora dress, always perfect BridgeStreet Gallery reception, really cool and different food by Kay at Cafe Iz (including a chinese takeout table!) and always fun music by Lucky Jackson Band all worked together for a gorgeous and perfect day.  Even the weather!! The ceremony (see Jane with her Bible in her lap during the prep- good priorities) was officiated by a friend of theirs from Auburn, which always adds a bit of a personal touch I love.

Special thanks to my second shooter, beautiful Birmingham photographer Lauren Winter. And I had so much fun with Corey of Puremo Productions doing video. Alabamas Best Wedding Photographers0001 Alabamas-Best-Wedding-Photographers001 Alabamas-Best-Wedding-Photographers002 Alabamas-Best-Wedding-Photographers003 Alabamas Best Wedding Photographers0008 Alabamas-Best-Wedding-Photographers004 Alabamas Best Wedding Photographers0011 Alabamas Best Wedding Photographers0012 Alabamas-Best-Wedding-Photographers006 Alabamas-Best-Wedding-Photographers007 Alabamas Best Wedding Photographers0017 Alabamas Best Wedding Photographers0018 Alabamas-Best-Wedding-Photographers008 Alabamas-Best-Wedding-Photographers009 Alabamas-Best-Wedding-Photographers010 Alabamas Best Wedding Photographers0025 Alabamas-Best-Wedding-Photographers011 Alabamas Best Wedding Photographers0028 Alabamas Best Wedding Photographers0029 Alabamas Best Wedding Photographers0034 Alabamas-Best-Wedding-Photographers012 Alabamas-Best-Wedding-Photographers013 Alabamas Best Wedding Photographers0035 Alabamas Best Wedding Photographers0036 Alabamas Best Wedding Photographers0037 Alabamas-Best-Wedding-Photographers014 Alabamas-Best-Wedding-Photographers015 Alabamas Best Wedding Photographers0042 Alabamas-Best-Wedding-Photographers016 Alabamas Best Wedding Photographers0045 Alabamas Best Wedding Photographers0046 Alabamas Best Wedding Photographers0047 Alabamas Best Wedding Photographers0048 Alabamas-Best-Wedding-Photographers017 Alabamas Best Wedding Photographers0051 Alabamas-Best-Wedding-Photographers018 Alabamas-Best-Wedding-Photographers019 Alabamas Best Wedding Photographers0056 Alabamas Best Wedding Photographers0057 Alabamas-Best-Wedding-Photographers020 Alabamas Best Wedding Photographers0060 Alabamas Best Wedding Photographers0062 Alabamas Best Wedding Photographers0061 Alabamas Best Wedding Photographers0063 Alabamas Best Wedding Photographers0064 Alabamas Best Wedding Photographers0065 Alabamas Best Wedding Photographers0066

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