I am grateful for…

76.  a month away from real life.

For a month of this fleeting summer I got to escape the many stimulants of real life.  I didn’t wear heels, jeans, makeup or do anything but brush my hair (and only when I really wanted to.)  Now, I do love all these things.  But going from bathing suit to pjs and back again for nearly 5 weeks with my mom around the whole time is about as good as it gets!  I get a little nervous with my camera on a floating dock with a bunch of people, so I didn’t capture EVERYTHING, but here are some highlights.   It turns out that water guns make great microphones.  An afternoon show on the porch is about as good as it gets.For the Fourth of July the whole fam comes up.  It’s wonderful and crazy and second only to Christmas.  Brittany makes cookies, George grills and we all play games and drink wine.  I love my family.Even the sunset was red, white and blue.Adelaide’s second birthday was right in the middle of the trip.  We’re having a real (but tiny) party Sunday, but we acknowledged the day with some of our closest friends, the Adrians.  They protected Adelaide from the big, scary, purple cake while I took pictures of it.  HA!Purple was the first color she recognized and identified so I went all out with a purple ombre cake.  Since the oven is circa 1985, the middle was a little mushy 🙂The last week we had our 2 closest couple friends and their families.  I can’t even figure out how to explain this game, but you’ll be able to see how much fun it was!!   I ugly cried as we left.  I think if I knew everyone would come visit regularly, I could live there all year.


  1. jodie foley:


    Your photos are great, sounds like a good time was had by all. Say hi to your sweet mom for me, Thx for sharing!

  2. Grace:

    Obsessed. Look how much more scared I am than Pierce on the tube.


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