I Am Grateful For…

59.  Spring time60.  afternoons spent with my girls and not in an office.61.  playing with long-time friends62.  Dawson Ballet- the perfect combination of my gifts!

63.  her first ballet recital

64.  that it’s over!!!


  1. Barbara Gamble:

    I’m not at all objective, but geez the Gamble girls are beautiful!

  2. Erin:


  3. hagen:

    the last pic of her dancing is my fav. shes a natural!!!

  4. Ashley:

    Love this entry. Gorgeous girls!

  5. Kelsey:

    I just cannot believe these pictures! Especially the last one. I can still picture me and Grace up there, desperately watching the teacher in the balcony and following along. Love reading your blog and seeing your work and your life!


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