Holly & David

A few weeks ago, I enjoyed the loveliest hot, summer wedding day with David and Holly.  They had been together for a long time and I should have know by their intricate plans for the future that the wedding would be impeccable.  I know you’ll agree that she is just gorgeous (her bridal portrait session will likely be a post on it’s own) and I enjoyed both of their families as much as I did the bride and groom.  The personalities of the bridesmaids were magnetic and we could have spent the whole day just taking pictures of them with Holly.  My favorite wedding coordinator was there at Trinity; B & A Warehouse teamed up with Jan from Cakes by Jan and Brandon from Feel the Beat Entertainment were all at their absolute best.  I’d like to do this day over and over!

Holly and David should be returning from their MONTH in Europe soon and I hope this post is a sweet reminder of their first day married!BandAWarehouse0001 BandAWarehouse0019 BandAWarehouse0020 BandAWarehouse0017 BandAWarehouse0021BandAWarehouse0100 BandAWarehouse0022 BandAWarehouse0023 BandAWarehouse0002 BandAWarehouse0003 BandAWarehouse0024 BandAWarehouse0004 BandAWarehouse0005 BandAWarehouse0025 BandAWarehouse0026 BandAWarehouse0027 BandAWarehouse0029 BandAWarehouse0028 BandAWarehouse0006 BandAWarehouse0030 BandAWarehouse0031 BandAWarehouse0007 BandAWarehouse0032 BandAWarehouse0033 BandAWarehouse0034 BandAWarehouse0010 BandAWarehouse0011 BandAWarehouse0035 BandAWarehouse0012 BandAWarehouse0013 BandAWarehouse0014 BandAWarehouse0036 BandAWarehouse0016

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  1. Linda Balcar:

    Holly … How beautiful ! As you know I see brides every day… None as stunning as you!!!! Best wishes for all the happiness in the world! Love, Linda


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