Heather & Mike

One time I drove to a house to shoot the engagement session of a couple I had never met.  As I arrived I got very nervous… there were so many “what-ifs” in my head.  But as Mike opened the door and we chatted and then his beautiful fiance appeared, I relaxed.  We snuggled their cat Penny, enjoyed the beautiful day with some wine and laughed a lot.

These two have been together for years and have settled into Birmingham (neither one’s place of origin) as though they have always been here.  Their comfort and easy way with each other made it easy and fun to be around them.

Now how can I talk them into taking me with them to California for their wedding? engagement_session0001 engagement_2 engagement_session0004 engagement-3 engagement_session0007 Engagement 15 engagement-4 engagement-5 engagement-6engagement_session009 engagement_session0017 engagement-7 engagment-8engagement_session0022


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