Halloween in Our ‘hood

Halloween is more than just one night in our house.  It’s more like a mini-season, lasting several weeks.  First Peter and the girls carve the pumpkin.  This was really Adelaide’s first year to be involved and she was not quite sure.  As is the norm for her.  Then we have the Trunk or Treat at our church.  Pierce looks SO forward to this.  I love an excuse to see our friends the Putmans.  The “spider-man” velcro inflatable was a really huge hit this year.  Uncle DoDo probably enjoyed throwing this strong-willed niece of his!  On the actual evening of Halloween we go to my parents’ house and trick or treat around there for a little bit, then head to my brother’s house to eat dinner and get even more candy!  Adelaide and Aunt Hagen were sock monkeys or “monkey socks” as Adelaide liked to say.  Pierce and Aunt Grace complimented each other as a bee and keeper!My two girls could not be more different.  One is strong-willed, one easy going.  One laughs often and loudly and the other barely giggles.  One is ticklish and one isn’t.  So, the quiet one with her head thrown back laughing at the abuse they’re inflicting on Aunt Hagen is hysterical to me! 


  1. Barbara G.:

    A wonderful story and great photos!

  2. Leigh Ann:

    Oh fun! These are great! Thanks for sharing these great memory making moments:-). xo

  3. ooba:

    I love having these pictures of the fun we had! And I missed Adelaide laughing so hard!! Plus I missed dede being there!