My baby sister got married on Saturday.  What a weird feeling!  The baby.  When she was little little we would say “Grace, why are you so cute?” and she would say “Because God made me cute.”  And now she’s honeymooning in Mexico.  Fleeting moments.

I haven’t figured out how to be a bridesmaid AND a photographer, so my very talented friend Lauren Winter shot her wedding.  But I got to do her bridal portraits at Centerhill Lake… our most favorite place on earth and the place we did her engagement shoot.  Thanks to Lindsay Kessler for the beautiful bouquet!

Isn’t she radiant? And joyful?hsg_4257 blog_two_vert bridal-portraits01 bridal-portraits02 hsg_4426 bridal-portraits03 bridal-portraits04 bridal-portraits05 hsg_4525 bridal-portraits06 bridal-portraits07


  1. Leigh Ann:

    SO beautiful- just exquisite!

  2. Kelly:

    So beautiful, Hillary! Wow what a backdrop and such a gorgeous bride!

  3. Emi:


  4. Hagen:

    So so so beautiful and perfect!