Grace & Jake

HSG_0175I have so many things to say… why I haven’t blogged lately, the exciting changes/return to the roots happening in my photography, and so so so many beautiful clients to catch up on.  But instead of boring you with all that, here’s a beautiful engagement session I just did.

I’ve always dreamed of shooting a couple near our lake place in Tennessee.  And this year my sister’s engagement session was the perfect excuse!  I never knew how romantic corn fields were.  And I can never make a trip up or down the road without stopping for the blackberries or breath-taking views.  We are so excited about Grace and Jake’s September wedding!!engagement-session-2 HSG_0045 engagement-session-4 HSG_9566 HSG_9689 engagement-session-8 HSG_9857 engagement-session-11 HSG_9895 engagement-session-final


  1. Jane Lazenby:

    Loved seeing those beautiful pictures, Hillary. You have such a gift!! and Grace looks so happy… Excited for both of them. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Leigh Ann:

    Wonderful! Beautiful pics of a good looking couple!

  3. Linda Adams:

    Love these! Made me cry they are so good.

  4. Sandra Wilkerson-Lehn:

    These are wonderful pictures!The second to last is my favorite… Grace amplifies Jake’s sweet heart. ♥