Emily & Alan

Many years ago there was an adorable, really smart, engaging, sweet girl in my church youth group.  She was an assistant when I taught VBS and I always liked when she was around.  Fast forward a decade or so and I got an email from this same engaging, smart girl telling me she’s engaged and would love to talk about her wedding.  It was Emily!  And she was in love with a boy named Alan.

On the wedding day, she smiled non-stop and was calm and collected and organized.  And as she walked down the aisle, he wept the happiest tears.   And she smiled.  And during the vows, he wept happy tears.  And she smiled.  And the connection they had after the ceremony, during their portraits, made ME smile.  It was such an honor to be there with them.

The pastor of our church (Altadena Valley Presbyterian Church) reminded us that the “what” of marriage gets confused without the “why” of it.  The “why” we marry and the “why” it’s so important is because it is a picture for the whole world of the most holy relationship… Christ’s love for his church.  He read a letter from Major Ballou to his wife that said, “How gladly would I wash out with my tears, every little spot upon your happiness…”  That is what Christ did for us when he made a way for us to spend eternity with him in heaven.  And how beautiful for a husband to love his wife in the same way.  That’s the “what” for the husband.  And for the wife it’s to trust God enough to offer your submission to your husband.  And, for Alan and Emily, the “what” will also be to have very tall children.  🙂

Cake: Edgar’s Bakery

Hair and Make-up: Courtney White Style 

Flowers: Virginia Saunders

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