Embarrassing Catch-Up

I have thoroughly enjoyed taking some time off this last month and before that I was trying to hard to keep up with client posts and such that I never posted any of my personal life photos from the holidays!  It seems really weird to do it now that the weather is (occasionally) warmer, but I’m going to any way.  If for no other reason than that my family will love it and I’ll enjoy remembering.

We’ll start with Thanksgiving… you’ll notice a pilgrim in the mix.  This was a Thanksgiving Feast at her school.  All the rest are from the whole family’s trip to Sky Valley, GA for the week of Thanksgiving.  We each fixed a tapas for the group and feasted!  We have always said we wanted to do a non-traditional Thanksgiving meal, and our first attempt was a success!  Crab cakes, cous-cous salad, naan with basil, feta and walnuts, baked tomatoes, and prosciutto wrapped asparagus… started by a delicious meat and cheese tray.  yummmmmmm!

Most nights we had games after the little girls went to bed and there were usually tears of hysterical laughter.  I love these next two.  We had a few excursions too, and loved this visit to Dry Falls, where you can walk under the falls. 


  1. Ooba:

    I love these happy moments that you captured so beautifully

  2. lasy:

    I love these. The last one of the starry night looking over the valley from the deck is breathtaking- wow.- well done! xo