Elizabeth and Walt’s Wedding

I love the tingly anticipation and nerves right before a big performance.  I used to feel it regularly when I danced, and now i feel that excited energy right before a wedding.  Especially when it’s a wedding like Walt and Elizabeth’s… a perfect wedding, with beautifully thought out details and really genuinely kind people.  This was a wedding that pointed to the true reason for the occasion- a marriage. And I wanted to get it just right.

Elizabeth is so sweet and encouraging that I’m surprised my head fit through the door, it was swelling so big from all her compliments.  When I asked her if she minded me being “all up in it” during the ceremony, she said, “It’s all about the pictures.  Do whatever you need to do.”  Did I mention that on top of all that she’s also GORGEOUS!?  And watching Walt watch her is such a joy.  He has a peaceful, amused expression as though he is both delighted by her and so proud to call her his.  He had worked so very hard the last year (well really all of med school PLUS this last year) in order to have this perfect wedding day together.

They met in high school when Elizabeth was a freshman and Walt was a senior.  She (scandalously) told her friends she was going to marry him.  That was 12 years ago.  They didn’t date for many years after that, but it seems very clear that it was worth the wait for both.  Something good is certainly worth waiting for.

The bridesmaids got ready with Elizabeth at the Hotel Highland in 5 Points.  It has been recently renovated and looks so wonderful.  They were a fun group to tag along with all day.   Elizabeth and Walt let me (and my second shooter, Emily Joy) drag them around to take some gorgeous portraits (proof that if you trust your photographer and give them some freedom, beautiful things could happen.)  The wedding and reception were at Historic Rucker Place.  Those ladies work so hard to make everything run so smoothly, and that is just what happened.  The band, Just a Few Cats, was awesome!!  I have never seen a crowd to the dance floor so quickly.

All in all, everything was perfect.  I am pretty sure I’m going to make Elizabeth be my friend because I had so much fun with them.  I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed the wedding!

Disclaimer: I got a little carried away with the ring shots.

This necklace was Elizabeth’s grandmother’s engagement ring.  She borrowed it from her mother as her “something borrowed.”The moment the bride and groom see each other is so special.  I love being there for it.  Elizabeth wanted to soak up every moment of their reception, so they opted to see each other before.Elizabeth had the florist put the sleeve of her grandmother’s wedding dress on her bouquet.  I didn’t know Walt played the drums until I heard a commotion and saw this!  I love Elizabeth’s exuberance about it. So that’s the end, right?  WRONG!  I got to play with them a little more!


  1. Peter:

    Great pics! You really had all access.

  2. Ashley:

    Every shot is stunning! Loving the elevator shots, too. All access, indeed! And I got a little teary about her grandmother’s sleeve on her bouquet! Really gorgeous, H.

  3. Grace:

    wow! perhaps i will have elizabeth plan my wedding someday!!!! it is perfection and these pictures are even better than i expected. yeeeeea sista!!

  4. Mary:

    Wow! I love these pictures. You really did a great job. Thank you for sharing. Don’t think I have every seen wedding night pictures, great idea.

  5. Kari Beth:

    I love your work! You did a great job with the wedding! I know that you made it so special for Elizabeth and Walt! Love the after reception pictures. Good job!

  6. hagen:


  7. Peggy Gunnels:

    Absolutely beautiful!! I love them all!

  8. Lisa Lorino:

    Fabulous pictures! Gorgeous wedding! So much fun – Best wishes forever!

  9. Jarinda Wiechman:

    Hillary, You did a beautiful job on these photos. I’ve given my friend Ronda your website and your name to look at your work. She planning a fall wedding on the beach!

  10. Jeanette:

    Your pictures are beautiful. I am so sorry I missed your big day, but I thoroughly enjoyed reliving it with these beautiful pictures.