Early Morning with Beautiful People

This morning started early.  It’s easier to forget the hour, though, on a gorgeous day with beautiful and photogenic people!  It also helps when they’re fun to talk to and wander around with.  Ginny and I started emailing quite a while back about taking some pictures of her family.  Our schedules finally worked out for this weekend and what perfect timing.  The post-storm weather couldn’t have been better.  They were without power until the night before the shoot, too!

So, meet Jack and Kate.  They are SOOO cute and I say often how easy it is to take pictures of beautiful people.  Jack loves Kate so much, he just couldn’t keep his hands off of her when they were side by side.  Sometimes she didn’t mind and other times she would just swat him away.

We did just a few family pictures.  Ginny and Jim were so calm and happy.  They seem like a very “together” family!  Like most little boys that I photograph at the Botanical Gardens, Jack was just dying to see the fish pond.  Since the fish are clearly more exciting than I am, I lost him!  It was easy to get plenty of options of this beautiful family before the fish lured them away.

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  1. Ooba:

    Those are so perfect. I love the water in the background and how it relects the landscape.


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