Deidra & Chase

Deidra and I have gotten to know each other at several weddings over the years.  She is part of a really tight knit group of girls that have included me in their SUPER FUN, beautiful weddings in Alexander City, AL.  At each wedding she was often the one looking after the bride and the details… keeping a level head…laughing and encouraging and then having a great fun dance party with everyone after.  THIS wedding was her day.  And it was perfect.

She could not have been more beautiful if I had created her from my imagination.  And I don’t mean just her appearance.  Her humility and gracious heart are admirable.  And I’m sure Chase would agree.  There was thought put into the details, and I have plenty of pictures of all that.  But what I wanted to capture, what I want you to see, is them. Chase & Deidra.

They chose not to see each other before their ceremony at First Baptist Church of Alexander City and had a stellar dance party at a friend’s beautiful farm, Reynolds Farm.  Thanks for trusting me, y’all.  It’s a big deal.  I hope that the trust pays off through the emotions these lifelong memories capture.

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  1. Grace Stegall:

    GIRL CRUSH!!!! So beautiful and FUN!!!!


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