Dan’s Babies- Family Portraits

My friend Dan has 3 babies.  He always refers to them as “my babies” in this sweet southern drawl with eyes ablaze in a way that makes you feel how much he loves them.  You’d think he was talking about infant triplets… but no.  These “babies” are 6, 3 and almost 2.  I got to play with them last weekend on a COLD afternoon.  Dan is heading to the middle east with the Air Force the day after Christmas.  Thinking of a month away from these little faces, especially a man as passionately in love with them as Dan is, makes me cry.  I don’t often get preachy, but it’s instances like this that make me glad I can trust the God I do.  The one who loves my children, and Dan’s children, even more than we do.  Which seems unfathomable.  I know my God wants to give these precious children of his good things.  So my prayer for Dan and his babies over the next month or so is that God will bless them and keep them.  That he will make his face to shine upon them.  And give them HIS peace.  And also that the time will go FAST!!!!  I hope you four have a very Merry Christmas.  I’ll pray for that, too. 


  1. hagen:

    soooo good! good job sister!

  2. Judy Davis:

    Absolutely amazing! Truly awesome pictures. What talent you have!


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