Craig & Matt

My long-time friend Ashley Berkery, a marvelous wedding planner, told Craig about me last year as soon as Craig and Matt were engaged.  My initial meeting with her was lengthy because I just kept asking questions.  For such a young lady, she has already had quite an eventful life.  A supportive family, out-of-town college experience, a cancer battle, a strong love for a young man- all tied together by an intense love for Christ.  This same love was the centerpiece for their wedding day too.  Just as the cross was at the center of the altar, Jesus was the focus of their ceremony and even her father’s toast at the reception.

The weather was perfect at Samford’s Reid Chapel and continued with a beautiful sunset during their first dance at Hoover Country Club. And Lindsey Kessler’s flowers were simply stunning- the icing on the cake.  Congratulations to the Culbreths!

Here is one of my favorite details… Craig wore the veil her great, great grandmother wore.  It has been worn by every female in her family since then.  There is always a moment the bride realizes that this is it.  She’s about to walk down the aisle she’s always dreamt of, toward the man who appeared in the dream in recent years, and her father would give her away. 

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