Colleen & John- Wedding Photos

When I woke up on Colleen and John’s wedding day, the weather forecast was not predicting good things.  The sky looked ominous all day.  I was thinking about the good points- it’s good luck to rain on your wedding day, the church has lots of beautiful windows, Colleen is so optimistic it’ll be fine…  But instead of the downpour which seemed inevitable, as proven by the picture below, they had the perfect wedding day.  When people ask me how the wedding was I continually say, “Perfect.”

Colleen is, to me, the picture of what a bride should look like.  A blushing bride if I ever saw one.  She is just beautiful, without any accoutrement.  She never got nervous, agreed to whatever I asked and overflowed with excitement about her groom all day. The only reason someone didn’t snatch her up the moment she turned 18, or graduated college, or whatever milestone, is that she knew exactly what she was waiting for.  She found it in this lucky man named John.  Watching the two of them all day was a joy.  They’re just so easy and happy together.  I’m always emotionally involved with the weddings I shoot, but I was a little silly about my enthusiasm for these two.

I love the immediate surrounding of the Chick-fil-a chicken nuggets.  Thank heavens for Saturday weddings so the place is open!Colleen had to stop reading the letter John gave her as a wedding gift because she couldn’t hold it together.  This group of guys was so boring.  Can’t you tell by this playground picture they insisted on?Two things happened during this first look that I haven’t seen before.  One- After the shock that he was actually marrying this vision of a bride wore off, he said, “What about me?”  And did a little twirl of his own so she could fully appreciate all she was getting that day.  Then-they prayed together.  I love that this is how they started their first day as husband and wife.  Again with the boring groomsmen.  I called this one “Cupid.”Colleen is a HUGE Florida fan.  Almost until the moment the wedding started she was reading the game.  Another perfect part of the day- they won!The reception was at Avon Theater, catered by Happy Catering Company.  I’m fairly certain that they have the best food I’ve had at weddings.  The only thing missing from Colleen and John’s perfect day was his mother.  She passed away last year.  I loved that he danced with his grandmothers in her place.  This trooper, the ring bearer, didn’t even make it through the introduction of the wedding party before he passed out.  And stayed this way the ENTIRE reception.John’s brother-in-law hopped on the stage to help Vanilla Ice out and the crowd loved it!Before I knew it, the last dance and departure was upon us.So much thanks to Emily Joy Gresham, who compliments me perfectly as a second shooter!


  1. Deanna:

    hillary! these are all so lovely!!! you captured every moment perfectly!

  2. bethany tab:

    Love these so much! Great job Hillary! Colleen, you look completely gorgeous. I’m so happy you had such a perfect day!


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