Colleen & John

I met this really adorable girl, Colleen, at a mutual friend’s Halloween Party 3 1/2 years ago.  The few times we have hung out, I’ve found myself talking only to her instead of others.  She’s delightful.  She’s beautiful inside and out… confident without being arrogant, athletic yet feminine, loves the Lord and lives her life that way without isolating others.  She knows what she wants and she doesn’t compromise herself or her ideals to get it.  That’s why I was so excited to meet John.  This man who must be amazing to have won the heart of this treasure named Colleen!Here is an example of why this session went so well.  I asked them to step up onto a “beam” and when I turned around I found them doing this:They didn’t wait for me to tell them what to do, they just played with each other and had fun until I did.  When couples do this, I am able to get REAL moments and emotion and I just love it.  Y’all, isn’t she beautiful?  Those dimples and eyes, sheesh.  As we were parting ways, John said, “Hillary, I think we could hang out, even without the camera!”  Yay!  One of my goals is for photo shoots to be fun for all involved and to capture real moments and emotions- check and check.

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  1. Ooba:

    These pictures are so unique. I love the locations, and the beam! What a beautiful couple!!