Charlotte in the Spring

Ok, ok, it wasn’t technically Spring when I got to play with Charlotte again.  But it sure did look and feel like it!  Everything at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens was in bloom and the sun was shining bright.  I think I was even wearing flip-flops!

Remember Charlotte’s 6-month portraits?  Well, she’s already 9 months…10, actually.  Her sweet mom has been worried at both sessions that Charlotte is going to be a grouch.  This time, it was the day we began Daylight Savings Time and it had just messed with the poor baby girl.  But, if Rachel hadn’t told me, I would have had no idea.  Charlotte was just as sweet and smiley as a baby can be!  Especially when there’s a big ‘ole camera in her face with people making demands of her for an hour.  I was quite happy with the results of those demands though, and I hope Rachel, Jason and Charlotte are too. I love when babies start clapping!  It’s just so darned cute with their little dimpled hands.  And look at those teeth!  It’s fun that you can see teeth, gums and tongue in this one.  This next one is my favorite from the session I think.  So sweet.I believe in nearly n*kd babies when it’s warm! 


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