Cameron & Ben

I’m a little sad to be posting this wedding.  Cameron is the second gorgeous, sweet, humble, gentle, mild-mannered Ray sister who I have had the honor of photographing on her wedding day.  And she’s the last Ray sister!  I’m sure her parents are relieved, but if all brides and weddings were as beautiful as these, my job would be perfect.  So I can’t help but be sad that there aren’t more to look forward to.

Cameron and Ben are precious.  They both have these huge dimples that I am sure will someday make beautiful children.  Cameron lets Ben lead in such a sweet effortless way that it inspires controlling women like me.  She can trust him to lead because he is trusting the Lord.  And I saw that as he sang, with gusto, the hymns that the couple chose to tell their story during their ceremony.  Double Oak Community Church was so beautiful.  And the setting, in Mt. Laurel, lent itself perfectly to their portraits.  Which they trusted me implicitly with… have I mentioned before how wonderful your wedding pictures will be if you trust your photographer?

This was my last wedding before a much needed break, and I am so happy that it was theirs.  I look forward to hearing and seeing what wonderful things lie ahead for their marriage and lives!

Ben’s dad, who officiated, had Cameron’s dad say a prayer for the couple at the end of the ceremony.  There was not a dry eye in the room.  This next picture is Cameron’s parents.  I think these expressions and this celebration is exactly how they felt, knowing both of their daughters are married to God-fearing men and they are done with planning weddings!

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    Once again you took absolutely beautiful pictures of my grand niece’s wedding. It was a wonderful wedding weekend and I was privileged to enjoy all of it. Cameron and Ben are indeed precious people inside and out. I look forward to seeing what God has in store for them! Thanks for sharing these incredible moments in their lives!


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