Beth and Evan- a wedding

This Saturday was what brides dream of as far as weather for their wedding day.  Beth and Evan originally planned on an evening wedding with a large reception with dancing, etc.  This is what most of their friends did.  But then they started thinking about it and decided that wasn’t them.  They are brunch people, is what Beth told me.  So, they were married in the morning at Trinity United Methodist Church and a brunch reception at Veranda on Highland.

When I meet with brides for the first time I get so excited about their plans.  But then we don’t talk about them for 6 months or more, so I’m surprised all over again when the wedding finally comes!  I loved Beth’s classic dress and the colors she chose for the flowers and the guys’ light suits.  It all went together with their morning so well.  How cute is she?Beth and Evan didn’t see each other before the ceremony.  I love his happy expression as she walks down the aisle.  One of my favorite things about the reception was the quartet (I realize it’s only a trio in this picture.)  They traveled from room to room playing New Orleans style music.  They were so happy and added perfectly to the atmosphere.  Beth’s eldest relative prayed for them as the reception began.  It was lovely.  And I love the moment between the newlyweds stolen during it.  Beth chose to feed Evan Pastry Arts Baby Bites after the cake cutting.  Watch her expression as she is shocked by him eating the whole thing!!Often this is the end of my day.  But since they didn’t see each other before and didn’t want to miss their reception for portraits, we did them after.  It was perfect because they were so relaxed.  We ended the day in her parents’ gorgeous backyard… Right here is where Evan got comfortable with the camera!  I love it!

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