Baby Zeph- Infant Portraits

I mentioned on my facebook page a month or so ago, that I cannot be held responsible for what happens if you and your adorable baby come play at my house.  I’m finally getting around to blogging the whole session with my sweet friend Ashley’s baby Zephaniah.  It went something like this… our two older kids had finally  agreed on something to play and I realized that the light in my baby girl’s room was perfect.  “Can I take pictures of Zeph?” I asked frantically.  “Sure,” Ashley said, a little unsure what her crazy friend was up to.  Adelaide was a little jealous of, but mostly intrigued by this baby.  Ashley kindly let her climb into her lap and hold him.  You can see how happy that made MY baby.


  1. Anita Kay:

    Adorable!! Especially the one of Ashley kissing him.

  2. Ashley:

    I still get weepy looking at these! Love love love love love.