Baby Rebekah

One of the perks of this photography career I seem to have gotten myself into is that I get to go meet babies right after they’re born!  It’s such a precarious time to interrupt a new mom’s budding routine.  But Laura was as relaxed as can be.  I know her from our church, but hadn’t gotten to spend a lot of time with her.  I was so impressed with her mothering… even after only 2 weeks!  She did not behave at all like a first time mom.  I bet these two shall live happily ever after.  Meet the adorable, beautiful Rebekah…  The happiest Rebekah was while I was there was looking at herself in the mirror from the changing pad.  Not that she was really unhappy at all!

One Comment

  1. Carol Lloyd:

    Beautiful angel baby girl! Will be as sweet as her mama and daddy.


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