Baby MJ

When we met for their maternity session at the end of last month, Kristen and Michael expected it to be a couple of months before we would meet again for MJ’s infant session.  But, he had other plans!  He was a whole month early and was still well into the 6 lb range.  After one week in the NICU, he joined his mom, dad and puppy at home for some snuggly days and sleepless nights.  Hopefully by now (a week is a long time in a baby’s life) he’s gotten accustomed to sleeping apart from Kristen and figured out his days and nights.  But, I’m a big fan of doing what works and holding that baby for as long as you can!  Especially this beautiful baby bundle.  It took some major affection from both Mom AND Dad, but little MJ finally settled down and fell asleep hard enough that we got some beautiful infant portraits!

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