Baby Micah Smith

Back in my full-time-work-for-someone-other-than-myself days, we had some friends named Jess and Matt.  They lived on the other side of town, but since I had only one child and they didn’t have any yet, we found ways to get together occasionally.  It was so fun.  Now, two kids and no social life later, we never see them.  They had their first adorable son Rivers 2 and a half years ago and now he is a big brother.  Micah Smith was just laid back and precious.  And it was so much fun to visit with friends while snuggling their little love bug. 

One Comment

  1. Jess:

    Oh, I’m in love…He’s just too handsome 🙂 Thanks for taking such beautiful pictures of my little guy. And, it was wonderful to spend time with you again!