Baby Jake

This is a special post.  This sweet friend and I have walked through some hard things together.  We met when she was engaged and I was going through infertility.  Life happened, both happy and hard and even when I didn’t see her often, she was always there for support.  She’s brilliant, confident, beautiful, humble, capable and loyal.  We had to wait a while, for multiple reasons, to get to hold this beautiful son of hers, but he was worth the wait.  I truly could not be happier for my friends Heather and James.  Meet Jake!


  1. Anita:

    My goodness I’m all choked up.

    Beautiful, Hillary. And i know yall were kind of going for sleepy newborn Jake but I’m so glad he was awake! Just precious.

  2. Carol Lloyd:

    I’m so thankful for this beautiful family. Fantastic photos!