Baby Jackson- 3-Month-Portrait

A blog post in the middle of the day!  Crazy times!

Sweet Kate gave Blair a gift certificate for a photo session a few months ago.  Blair emailed me about doing some photos of her adorable son Jackson at the three-month mark.  So, in the middle of the Auburn game Saturday, we photoed and cheered and rearranged and bit our nails as we enjoyed Jackson and some Auburn football.  Jackson is adorable, just the right amount of chub to make you want to eat him up.  And so aware of his surroundings.  He just studied me and my camera… as though he was a big boy and not a little baby.

He was the cutest trying to stick his hands in his mouth.  He seemed to be working on a personal goal of getting the whole thing in there.  I loved it!  His dad, who I loved working with (he was so involved!) did not love it.  He kept pulling those fists down, only to watch them come right up again. 


  1. Blair:

    I love them! Can’t wait to see the rest!

  2. Ooba:

    His eyes are such a beautiful blue!


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