Baby Emma

More of my brides are starting to have babies and I love it!  It was really fun to catch up with Liesa and her mom and meet baby Emma.  I loved her nursery and especially this mobile.  Emma was having NONE of the going to sleep nonsense her mom was hoping for.  She was wide awake for us and even after faking us out with sleepiness a few times, was not going to do it.  Her daddy popped in for lunch and calmed her down immediately.  Just his voice did it in fact.  We discovered that all she really wanted was to kick around in her cradle (which has been passed down from her grandmother.)  Liesa swears Emma had been a sleepy, snuggly bundle every day, but the day of our session was the day she woke up and stretched out.  Isn’t she pretty?

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  1. Robin Cheatham:

    Can’t wait to see more pics of Emma