Baby Aaron

Last week I got to meet the baby boy of one of my very first brides.  I can’t believe it!  I feel like Christina and Michael got married THIS August, not August 3 years ago!  (Or was it 4?  Time is flying too fast.)  Aaron was 5 weeks early to meet his mom and dad.  The day I met him he was 10 days old, still more than 3 weeks before he was scheduled to arrive.  He was so tiny, you wouldn’t even know you were holding something.  But he’s strong and healthy and perfect!  He did ok for a few pictures without being within smelling distance of his mom, but for the rest of the session he was either held by her or pressed up against her somehow… and that was just the medicine he needed.  It was happiness for the rest of the session!Is there anything more safe than a baby in a big ole daddy’s arms? 


  1. Barbara G.:

    Beautiful photos! My favorites are the real up-close photo of the baby’s face and the one where dad is holding him so closely.

  2. ooba:

    Why do little bitty baby pictures always make me cry?! I know-it’s miraculous! And so are these pictures!

  3. Christina:

    We love all of these. We got a kick out of looking back at the blog from our wedding. It does seem like it was yesterday.