Austin- Anniversary Trip

Back in December, my husband Peter and I celebrated our 10-year-anniversary!!  I don’t know where the years went.  He often starts to tell me a story only to have me interrupt him and tell him I was there when it happened.  He usually says, “You were??!  Holy crap we’ve been together a long time!”

In October, we took a trip to Austin, TX for our anniversary.  We had such an amazing time.  We stayed in an AMAZING hotel, ate tons of really good food, saw Norah Jones at Austin City Limits and relaxed.  Peter really amused both of us with his “Peter in a door” photo sessions.  I have included many of those in this post.

Our favorite breakfast place was on 6th, called Walton’s Fancy and Staple.  It really was old fashioned… food, coffee/tea and a flower shop!  We went twice because it was so perfect.  The ham n cheese croissant and the gravy biscuits were divine.

We loved walking through the campus of University of TX… I loved the trees.  Live oaks maybe?  The capitol building had several “door” opportunities.There were many many more pictures (my feet by the pool for example) but I just chose my favorites.  I highly recommend W Hotels, Gourdough’s Doughnuts La Condessa, and Kerbey Lane Cafe (OMG the gingerbread pancakes!!!)


  1. Cameron Stephenson:

    I am drooling over the food! Such pretty places and delicious sounding restaurants. Now I want to go!

  2. Ooba:

    Yummy! and Peter is hysterical but his door pictures are actually really good. Must be the photographer!!

  3. Leigh Ann:

    I’ve wanted to visit Austin for a long time, so thanks for the preview sampling! Seeing Norah Jones at Austin City Limits sounds wonderful. I like the “in a door” idea. Y’all are too cute! Here’s to many many more fabulous anniversary celebrations! xo

  4. Bana:

    Love the photos. I’m so glad you two chose each other!