April & John

Remember that day it snowed and iced and it was so much fun to sled?  And so beautiful? Well, people had weddings planned for that weekend.  And the snow and ice and mess made it really hard for those weddings.  For those sweet brides and their mamas.  But you know who was happy?  THIS photographer.  Me.  I have always dreamed of a bride in the snow with a fur.  But I’m in Alabama.  That’s not gonna happen.  I have made sure people know that I will head to Colorado in winter to photograph their wedding.  Turns out, I didn’t have to go to Colorado.  I got to do it with here!

Once things got settled down a little and it was obvious that the day was going to happen and happen happily and beautifully, it really was.  Happy and beautiful.  We spent the morning in Avondale and at Redeemer Community Church.  And then continued the party at Cahaba Brewery.  And then carefully drove home in the slush.Smitherman001 Smitherman002 Smitherman0053 Smitherman004 Smitherman003 Smitherman0105 Smitherman0095 Smitherman0098 Smitherman0102 Smitherman005 Smitherman006 Smitherman0153 Simmelink008 Smitherman008 Smitherman011 Smitherman007 Smitherman010 Smitherman0432 Smitherman0449 Smitherman0521

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