Anna & Matt

Fairly often I meet couples and families who make my job easy.  Of course just their general look and style factor in, as you’ll see in this wedding.  But even more is their comfort and chemistry with each other.  Anna and Matt enjoy each other.  I bet their blood pressures drop when they’re together just because they’re so happy and at ease.  They look at each other like they are a present that they’ve been given.  Like a 16-year-old who walked out and saw a new car with a bow in his driveway.  I would start to give them direction as we took pics and time after time they were already doing something perfectly perfect.

Their ceremony was at Oak Mountain on that day in May that it MONSOONED.  Reverend Tom Patton performed the ceremony and I just love when he does.  He officiated at a wedding I got to shoot New Year’s Eve- you may remember Hannah and Kevin’s wedding photos- and I loved him them too.  He’s so real… marriage is not always rainbows and unicorns and he reminds the couple and the congregation of that.  While encouraging each bride and groom in the importance of their God-given roles in good times and bad.  We braved the storm and headed to Riverchase Country Club.  The dinner and drinks and toasts and music were just lovely and fun.  The dance floor was packed.  I think Anna’s grandfather danced with every adorable girl there, no age discrimination here!!! And I love the image of Anna and Matt’s reaction to her dad starting the grandbaby pressure during his toast!

I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed the day! (Thanks to another beautiful Birmingham photographer, Lauren Winter, for shooting with me!)Haynes005_1Alabamas-best-wedding-photographers-001 Haynes047 Haynes052 Alabamas-best-wedding-photographers-002b Haynes061 Haynes125 Haynes135 Alabamas-best-wedding-photographers-002 Alabamas-best-wedding-photographers-003 Haynes092 Haynes104 Haynes307 Alabamas-best-wedding-photographers-004 Alabamas-best-wedding-photographers-005 Haynes267 Alabamas-best-wedding-photographers-006 Haynes280 Alabamas-best-wedding-photographers-007 Haynes531 Haynes561 Alabamas-best-wedding-photographers-008 Haynes672 Haynes742

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