And the Winner Is…

Well, let me say “and the winners are…”  There were so many comments and so many varieties of people that commented that I couldn’t do just one.  So, two of you are getting free couples sessions at Railroad Park.  They are:

Erin Stephenson

Heather Phillips

Did you know that there’s a random number generator app?  Hooray!  I’m so excited to see what we can do, Heather and Erin!

Now, for the rest of you.  You can still have an awesome couples shoot at Railroad Park or millions of other places.  Remember that my Christmas Package has just been announced:

45 mins and 3 digital negatives for $100

Quite a bargain… take advantage before I’m all booked up (and don’t forget that Christmas cards really need to be in the mail at the beginning of December! S now is the perfect time for photos.)

Thank you ALL for commenting and please keep it up!  Here’s an image, just because I don’t like blog posts without them.  Happy Fall!


  1. lasy:

    I love the pumpkins! I saw your gorgeous fruit & vege pics- the apples were especially nice- in Grace’s kitchen in Auburn on Wed. – lovely!

  2. lasy:

    p.s.- is there a limit, or suggestion, on how many people/creatures can be , or should ideally be, in the Christmas card photo shoot?


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