Amy & Daniel

Long, long ago I taught Sunday school to an extremely bright group of 4th-6th graders at our church, Altadena Valley Presbyterian Church. Some of them went to schools that taught Bible, some were the daughters of brilliant theologians and all had been at our church since birth and had so much spiritual knowledge in their heads, it was intimidating to teach. But they prayed me through some really hard times in my life and I’ve loved watching their sweet young faith grow as THEY grow into beautiful women. Amy Katherine was one of those. It’s been such a privilege to be involved in their weddings!

Amy Katherine and Daniel are adorable. She’s tiny and he’s super tall. With awesome hair. When she would get tired or feel unsure, you could feel her press into him and he gently supported her. It was fun fun fun to be trusted to capture their day.

Their flowers get their own paragraph. The flowers. Marni of Birdsong in Bloom outdid herself. My favorite weddings are always the ones where the bride, and her mother, choose vendors they trust, share their vision and just trust them to do their job. And these flowers are why. Just look. All the color and brightness…. they helped set the tone for this perfect day.

As with so many of my sweet brides right now, this wedding had many versions during the planning process. The final draft included a small ceremony (please look up the band These Little Lights… unreal,) a drive by celebration just after (they handed out individually boxed cake as favors) and then an intimate backyard reception. It was perfect. And ended with bare feet in her parents backyard.

Dress: Bella’s

Hair: Lily Dendy, Weaving Frizz

Cake: Cakes by Alathea

Caterer: Tazikis

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