Amy and Her Growing Family- Maternity Portraits

Maternity sessions can be so beautiful.  Or a little awkward.  To me, it all depends on the mother-to-be and her comfort in her own pregnant skin.  When Amy and I were chatting about the plan for her maternity session her description was this:  “I want a portrait of me where I am pregnant.”  I think that is so perfect, and describes perfectly the type of maternity session I like.  Pregnancy is such an amazing time and it’s over so fast (although it may not seem like it at the time!)  I love the idea of capturing the mother during that time- her glowing skin, thick hair and blossoming figure.  When Amy told her mom she was having maternity photos done her mother gasped and said, “You’re not going to be naked are you?”  I am just in love with these portraits we got of Amy… and her pregnant belly.  Little Jamie doesn’t seem to know what’s coming, but he is such a sweet playful little boy.  I’m sure he AND his parents will survive the coming changes just fine.I feel like I should iron my clothes before I go to sessions with this family.  They just seem so together. Their taste, their appearance, their house…I can’t wait to meet little Owen in November!


  1. Ooba:

    They are a beautiful family. I love the one where Jamie is touching his mom’s tummy.

  2. mars:

    ditto ooba. so sweet.

  3. Kelly:

    LOVE that last one! And the ones by the window!

  4. Debra Meggs:

    I love these, so proud of Amy and Brian’s sweet family. I’m so looking forward to Owen, #9 grandchild….GG (Grammy)


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