Amelia & Larry

I often have so much to say about each wedding on this blog.  Oddly, I don’t have tons to say about this one.  It was special.  One of my all-time favorites.  Why?  Because Stone Bridge Farms is beautiful and perfect?  Of course that contributed.  The land and space is beautiful and has everything you could want.  The staff is professional and kind and on top of every detail.  The flowers, the cake, the organization and willingness to work with the couple… amazing.  But the reason this was a favorite had little to do with that.  Amelia and Larry were so excited to marry each other.  Not because of this beautiful wedding day and party I got to photograph, but because they want to be married to each other.  They both love and know the Lord really intimately and had been asking Him for the other and preparing for each other and waiting for God’s direction toward each other for a long while.  Amelia has the sweetest, most genuine spirit and many people long to be around her.  But Larry won.  He won her heart and the joy of being with her everyday for the rest of their lives.  Until death do them part.  What an honor to be a part of.

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