Amber & Blake

Amber and Blake were married way back in October.  When the weather was perfect.  Remember those days?  We spent the day at a place called Southern Magnolia, that I had never been to before, but that was just lovely in it’s southern charm.  The owners, who host only about a dozen weddings a year, were accommodating and kind and created such a calm place for  Amber and Blake’s wedding day.  Most of the images I’ve chosen are more candid moments from their special day, which are always my favorite moments.

Blake smiled a lot that day, but some of my favorite moments were those where he was overcome with emotion that this beautiful girl had agreed to be with him for the rest of forever.  They are a precious, sweet couple and their wedding reflected that.

Thanks to my wonderful 2nd shooter, Lauren Winter, too!Hutchins 048

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  1. Barbara Gamble:

    Beautiful wedding and photos!