Amanda & Paul

Amanda and Paul were married in Mexico.  Without me.  But they had a great, fun party here and invited me to be their Birmingham reception photographer.  It was really fun to watch them together.  I know I, and all wedding photographers, say that a lot.  But here’s what I mean.  Amanda is fairly confident… she has some typical girl insecurities.  But Paul affirms her and tells her both out loud and implicitly just how beautiful and hot she is.  Having him right there with us while we did her portraits created an even more beautiful bride than I would have seen otherwise.  And Paul kind of seemed like he had been in front of the camera his whole life.  He was so comfortable!  The reception was at Workplay with the fabulous band Just a Few Cats making it impossible to sit.  Amanda’s mom did the cakes, something she does really well, but just for fun.  Here’s how fun the reception was… I put the camera down and danced.  I’ve never done that before, but there was too much fun happening to miss out!  (Don’t worry, I did my work first!)Since most party attenders weren’t in Mexico, we watched a slide show of their beautiful ceremony.

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