Allison and Adam- Engagement Session

A really cool thing about being a wedding photographer at this time is that my youngest sister’s friends are getting married!  Maria was one of her childhood friends and this weekend I got to do an engagement session with Allison, another childhood and still very close friend.  It’s really cool to see these little girls grow up and be women!  I hadn’t met Adam before, but he and I could have chatted for hours.  In fact, one of my problems as a photographer is shutting my mouth long enough to take some pictures!  We started this engagement session at Billy’s, as rumor had it that Allison didn’t love having her picture taken and might need a little loosening.  After a drink, we bundled up and went out into the sub-freezing afternoon.  I’m giving Allison an award for happiest kiss in this next one… have you ever seen someone so happy without smiling!?After a little while in the freezing weather, we decided we needed another drink.  Dram is a beautiful setting for pictures, but also has the most delicious drink… Blackberry Winter.  I know you’ll agree that Allison needs to get over the whole camera thing-  look at those eyes.  I let them go thaw out after this, knowing that their wedding day will be a blast if we could have this much fun on the coldest day of the year!

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