Ali & Jackson

I must confess, I really love Lake Martin weddings.  Or maybe it’s just this particular group of people whose weddings I really like.  This was my fourth, I think, of this group and not a one has disappointed.  As I drove to Ali and Jackson’s wedding location, the sky did not look good.  But by the time Ali and her fun bridesmaids were ready, it was bright sunny and hot hot hot.  Then, just before the ceremony, at Children’s Harbor, the sky turned ominous again.  And then, as the two newly weds headed to their reception, one of the most beautiful sunsets was behind them.

Ali is just beautiful.  She’s one of those girls that is naturally so pretty that she doesn’t have to do anything to herself on a daily basis.  So, when she did, the response was just awesome… dropped jaws and tears all around.  She is such a funny mix of type-a and laid back.  Anything I proposed she was on-board for, but she had definite ideas about how she wanted the day to go overall.  I hope I’m like her.  My awesome second shooter, Colin Peterson, hung out with the guys and I think you’ll see Jackson is a member of a good looking and fun loving bunch.

I loved this wedding, and the reception at the Lodge at Cocktail Slough, was perfection.  I hope you enjoy all one million of my faves from Ali and Jackson’s wedding.


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  2. Jana:

    Looks like a FUN wedding! Great pics Hillary!