Abby & Eric

I love the connections between people.  While I hadn’t met Abby, my husband and her brother went to high school together.  Her fiancé, Eric, and my husband also coached soccer at the same club for many years.  When Abby and I spoke on the phone for the first time, I felt like we were already friends.  I loved the wedding she was planning and couldn’t wait to see her and Eric together.  When we got together for a drink and their engagement session, I wasn’t disappointed. Not just by their images and chemistry, but you should have heard him talk about her.  He knows that she hung the moon.  I believe he called her superwoman.  If she said anything negative about herself, he corrected her.  I remember hearing a country music star ask her husband “why didn’t you tell me I had gained so much weight?” And he said, “That’s not my job.  My job is to make you know how wonderful you are everyday.”  That’s what Eric seems to be doing. I love it so much.  

And then their wedding… prep at The Tutwiler, ceremony at Avondale Brewery, every detail selected by the couple and just so much fun.  I’ve waited so long to blog that now they’re expecting a baby girl!!!!  I hope I get to meet her and photograph all the milestones for this beautiful family.   Venue: The Tutwiler, Avondale Brewery

Dress: Imperial Formalwear

Flowers: Ricky Whitley

Cakes: Dreamcakes

DJ: Chris Sarris

Caterer: Post Office Pies, Saw’s BBQ

Videographer: Jason Morales

Lighting and Photo Booth: Total Entertainment


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