A Sweet New Blossom…

Were you hoping for a post about spring?  This warm weather sure does have it on the brain!  But no, this post is about an adorable baby girl.  I got to meet sweet Bailey and her family today.  She is a little 6-month-old bundle of snuggles.  Six-month-olds are a little tricky because they’re not really sturdy with the sitting yet, but their little faces have developed such sweet expression and reactions to their environment.  Bailey was no exception!   Her nursery was so beautiful!  Big furniture and a lot of color, but not TOO much.  I love the little silver toys.
We headed outside on this gorgeous spring-like day and brought Daddy along.  This sweet girl really didn’t feel well and would probably have liked for us to stop torturing her.  But we gave it one last go with the paci.  Is there anything better than a snuggle from Mommy or Daddy to make you feel better?  What comfort.  And now let’s give sweet Bailey some rest.  Night night!


  1. Laura Catherine:

    Again, I am obsessed with these photos. You were so patient with a very fussy baby. I can’t even tell she was being a pill. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

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    […] gorgeous fall day.  A little chilly, but the colors on the trees this weekend were perfection.  The last time I saw Bailey, she was just a sweet little newborn.  But now she is full of life and energy and was on the go! I […]


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