A Different Lazenby

It’s the Lazenby hour here on the blog!  But this time it’s not about Lacy and Brent’s wedding, it’s about the sweet younger sister.  Lara.

Like I mentioned before, the Lazenbys and the Stegalls (my family) have been friends for decades.  But I haven’t seen Lara since she was a child.  In fact, I introduced myself to her at the wedding because she’s so grown up!  She is the same age as my baby sister, so in my head she should still be a baby.  Guess again.  This smart, sweet, grown-up girl is about to graduate from college and wanted to document this milestone with some photos.  Cheers to that!  Lara is tall with beautiful green eyes and perfect skin.  I didn’t do anything to her skin in any of these pictures!  But even more than her outer beauty are her inner qualities.  In the little time we spent together she seemed confident and well spoken, but still a great listener.  She’s humble, but talented and smart.  And most of all, she loves her family.  Recently they’ve lost some loved ones, including her grandmother GaGa.  The sweet words she’s written about that have been so heart felt and honoring.  Watching Lara and her mom together makes me so happy to have daughters.  The bottom line is, she was a delight to spend a wedding day plus another afternoon with.  And I hope she’ll be happy with these results!

After this last shot, we spotted the Dreamcakes cupcake truck– what a wonderful end to a fun session!  Maybe I should try to make that a normal occurrence.


  1. Jane Lazenby:

    Hillary, you have done it again…. great pictures of Lara, perfect to have for graduation. Thank you so much for doing this for us, for her!! The bonus for me, of course, was getting to play with Pierce and Adelaide while these were being taken!

  2. Grace:

    I still think of us as babies too 🙂 but these are great!