A Day in the Life- Infant Portrait

Instead of formal 3 month portraits for my baby girl,  I decided to keep my camera with me all day (more of an undertaking than I thought) and document “A Day in the Life” of Adelaide.

At this point, she was still in our room.  She would end up in our bed sometime in the 5-6 am range and I would wake with this cuddled up next to me.

Then she would wake up as happy as she could be to see her mommy.  I can imagine no greater love.Next we go change her diaper.  While Adelaide is happy to see me, Pierce is happy to see Adelaide. She is all over her, in her face, obsessed from the moment she hears her stirring.

Time for the swing while I get breakfast ready and get Pierce ready for school.  She loves tv.  Look how sweetly she looks at Pierce and how FIERCELY loving Pierce looks.  Whew.  It’s exhausting.  Headed  to take Piercey to school.  Time alone with Mommy!  Clearly, I’m hilarious.  She loves her star mat.  It was so exciting when she figured out that kicking it makes it sing!Then to the bed, where the animal mobile is nearly as exciting.  Getting sleepy, needing to suck on hands.  After we pick up Pierce from school, we’re back to high-alert supervision for Mommy.  This is what Adelaide sees one million times a day.  Bathtime!And bedtime.  Good night beautiful girl. 


  1. Mary Beth:

    That was stinkin’ cute!! Loved it!

  2. Grace:

    ahhh I have the sweetest cutest nieces EVER! i can’t wait to come play with them!

  3. kari potts:

    those are the cutest things i have have ever seen. pierce cracks me up. adelaide is a little doll. kat loved seeing her. i’m so looking forward to saturday.

  4. Savanna:

    Oooh. They are both so beautiful…

    May I also add that my mom, when I was about the same age as Adelaide, made a video (VHS) entitled “A Day in the Life of Savanna Pritchett.” So funny.

  5. Anita Kay:

    “Fiercely loving.” How well I know that description–it made me laugh! 🙂 Beautiful shots of your sweet girls.


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