The Greshams- family portraits

Meet the Greshams.  I know them through my husband, originally.  He and Emily Joy taught together at Shades Cahaba Elementary School years ago and we met at a party, both pregnant with our first babies.  Skip forward about a year to a photography class at Samford.  This adorable girl walked in and I couldn’t quite place her for a minute.  After a few descriptive texts to Peter, we decided it was Emily Joy Gresham.  We were fast friends.  She is now a wonderful photographer… you may remember some of her awesome detail shots from Jessica and Ryan’s wedding this spring.  We took a few more classes together and have shot together a few times.  It is always such an honor (and a little scary) to shoot a fellow photographer. So, here are the photos of this very all-American family.

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Isn’t Miles just beautiful?  I really enjoyed him. 

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  1. Renee Graves:

    The Gresham’s photos are wonderful. Thanks for sharing with us. I’ve known Bubba since he was about 4, so it was really a treat to see his beautiful family.

  2. lasyoung:

    What beautiful “captures” of a beautiful family- more great work, Hil!

  3. Megan Jamison:

    BEAUTIFUL Photos-I found your link through Hagen’s facebook! Fabulous work!

  4. Carol Lloyd:

    Kelley is the one who gave Miles the nickname “Bubba”.


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