The Children Before Mine

Before I had my own children, or even my husband, I had a 2nd family.  Joan Leslie, Jackson and Mathis (and their parents!)  I started babysitting Joan Leslie when she was born.  I was even her full-time nanny for a while.  When I went away to college, I babysat every Christmas and summer.  After college, I was at their house all the time.  They were my first children.  I love them.  After I got married there was a brief time when we fell away from each other.  It broke my heart.  They grew up.  But, in the last 6 months, we’ve reunited.  They look exactly the same and I love them exactly the same.  These images capture so much of their personalities.  Joan Leslie- now 16, is loving and full of life and enthusiasm.  Jackson- 12, is a fairly typical middle schooler.  A little too cool, but I can tell he loves me.  And SO handsome.  And Mathis- 11, hilarious, creative and future star most definitely!And with that, we’re done!  Hooray they all say!

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