Sweet Baby Rivers

I had the most wonderful morning when I got to go meet Rivers.  It started out rocky for his mom, my friend, Jess.  But I think the photo shoot MAY have improved their day.  He was so perfectly sweet.  He was two weeks old and they had a rough night before I came, but you would never have known it.  Even when she’s flustered, she seems calm and I think Rivers must feel that.  Just look at how relaxed he is.  I was lucky enough to watch Jess and Matt wait longer than they would have preferred for their sweet little boy.  So, when I noticed that this plaque was hanging above the table where we were taking pictures, I thought it very fitting.  These pictures are certainly being taken in order to “celebrate” family and this sweet addition to it.  I think Matt and Jess would agree, this little boy celebration was worth the wait.This chair was Jess’ grandmothers.  I noticed it as soon as I walked into the house and was so glad Rivers was comfortable there!  The fact that it’s gorgeous and a family heirloom makes for a perfect picture.  Jess had not planned on having her picture made that day, but I couldn’t resist their sweet snuggles.  And she’s beautiful all the time, so it doesn’t even matter if she’s ready.

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  1. Carrie:

    I have loved Jess for so many years and Rivers is such a beautiful child. I love these photos. They really show love.

  2. Grace:

    he is sooooo cute!

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