September Summary

I am having trouble processing the fact that we’re already well into October.  I completely missed blogging several September events, so I’m doing a super quick summary of just 2 personal things.  I haven’t even put Labor Day in this post!  Gah-lee.  Maybe that will be in a “remember when we were warmer?” post later in the season.

Me and some gal pals took a quick weekend trip to the lake.  We stopped at a yard sale, ate too much food, laughed a lot, watched movies, slept in… basically whatever we wanted.  No husbands or children or obligations.

There was a LOT of laughing. Then we had another warm burst, so my girls threw on their bathing suits (well, sort of) and played in the backyard some more.  Pierce’s mischievous face is pretty cute.  And look at how Adelaide adores her sister. 

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